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Crime.io is an XMPP (jabber) service securely designed for business users with high discresionary requirements. Our services are hosted in a privacy-first facility with strict laws against government interference.

More information on xmpp can be found at: xmpp.org

For the best experience with our service, make sure to use OTR encryption and select a strong password so your account can not be hijacked.

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Logging is never allowed. Trust is
the cornerstone of smooth business transactions

A: / We will NEVER store logs of any kind, including session, connection, and conversations

B: / LE requests are pointless (as we do not keep any information) and will be posted for full transparency

C: / Account passwords can be reset if you include a recovery email address during registration

D: / LE requests will be posted for full transparency

View this tutorial in case of additional questions

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Ensuring Your Security and Privacy is NOT cheap.

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[ Server ]




5222 (STARTTLS only)


TLS 1.2


XEP-0163: pep

XEP-0191: blocking

XEP-0237: roster versioning

XEP-0280: message carbons

Register through any capable XMPP software, or use our
online registration portal.

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Your password is stored securely and encrypted with BCrypt.

A recovery email address is optional.
If you want to someday recover your account from lost password, you must have a recovery email address.




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